Pets & Seniors

I have written before about the importance of pets and senior citizens.  I run across this all the time in dealing with many of the people that I help.  I deal with it myself and deciding whether to adopt/purchase another … Read More

A Great Opportunity

Do you want to feel FREE again?  Or, do you want to help someone you love feel that way?  Here is your chance. Seniors Helping Seniors® in home care is sponsoring an exciting talk and demonstration by Dan Zimmerman, the … Read More

Laughter - The Best Medicine!

We all know that people who generally have a happy and easy outlook in life are just plain happy people.  Me, I take things much too serious most of the time.  I wish I could be more easy going.  I have … Read More

What is New for 2018

2018 Changes to Your Retirement Income Are you currently taking or thinking about taking social security?  2018 brings some changes to social security.  Did you know, for a couple, there are over 500 ways you can take social security?!  This … Read More

Wonderful Story

                Cindy Bluhm and Friends from SHS                           Dan Zimmerman dan zimmerman story Click on the link to read a wonderful story … Read More

Veteran's Day

Veterans Day is Saturday, November 11.  Please don't forget to thank a veteran you know or see for their service to our country!

Carol Jackson Continued

Several months ago I posted a story about Carol Jackson.  Carol is a woman who has fought hard against some physical problems she has had to face.  Well, she is continuing to fight the fight and we thought you'd like … Read More

Labor Day

Did you know that the first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1882?  I wonder if this holiday or the reason for this holiday is even taught in school anymore?  It seems that most of our real history is not … Read More

Grandparents Raising Children

More and more grandparents are finding themselves becoming parents a second time around.  I'm sure most parents figured they were going to raise their children, finish their careers, and then finally around the age of 65, retire, kick back and … Read More