Never Forget

Today is Sept 11.  It is a day many years ago now that our country should never forget.  The day that we became vulnerable and have ever since never felt safe. Follow the links to learn a little more about … Read More


Birding has become a very enjoyable sport for countless people.  What could be more calming and fun than sitting out in the backyard, the country or even a park somewhere and watching wildlife? Even as a young child, there was … Read More

Need a New Cell Phone Plan?

Can you remember the days of the party line?  Oh my goodness!  My grandmother had one when I was a child.  I can still remember her telling me not to listen if I picked up the phone to make a … Read More

4th of July

Hoping you all have a safe and happy 4th of July!   In home senior personal care in Peoria, AZ

Happy Flag Day - June 14

Do you know the history? Hoping you have a wonderful day and weekend.  From all you friends at Seniors Helping Seniors.

Staying In Arizona This Summer?

The summer is upon us in Arizona!  We certainly had a wonderful winter and spring.  Great temperatures and rain during the winter.   But, because we live in Arizona, it only takes a matter of an hour or two to and … Read More


What is D-Day?  Why is it important?  Is there any reason to remember it today?  Most of history is being erased, swept under the carpet, changed.  Should the same happen with D-Day.  Decide for yourself.  I have a couple of … Read More