History of Valentine’s Day

February 14, a day most guys should not forget!  I saw a very cute post on Facebook the other day where a couple were in the card shop, picked out a card for each other, read them, put them back … Read More

Retirement Closing In

My husband and I are not far from retiring. Actually, I'm closer than he is. He has to work to at least 65 until to continue with our health care coverage. I'm a couple of months older than he is. … Read More

Social Security

Great news for those of you receiving social security benefits, you will be receiving an increase of 2.8%!  Hooray.  Of course, Medicare costs will be rising, so I imagine the increase will be wiped out by that, but hopefully they … Read More

Is Christmas Always a Happy Time?

It's almost Christmas!  If you're like me, you are trying to get a million things done, because, unlike your crazy friend from Ohio who starts Christmas in May, you don't start until December 15th! For some people though, the season … Read More


          Thanksgiving is coming upon us quickly.   How many of you have the meal at your home?  How many go out to dinner? Well, for those of you preparing your own meal, you should know, the … Read More

Veteran's Day

Armistice Day.  November 11, 1919, the day President Wilson first set aside a day to honor the veterans of World War I.  On May 13, 1938, it became a legal holiday. After WWII, it became apparent that a day to … Read More

Halloween - Where Did it Come From?

Halloween has become a major holiday!  Actually, is it a holiday?  Was it ever a holiday?  It certainly is popular.  For many people, it is more popular than Christmas. Like many dates in history, I like to know where they … Read More