Decoration Day

  I remember as a small child the parade that we had every year celebrating "Decoration Day."  We lived in the very small village of Kohler, Wisconsin.  Each year the whole village would participate in a parade where the residents … Read More

New Friends

 Grace, Jerry, Cindy(SHS manager) and Carol Just had a wonderful lunch with two of our clients.   After hearing each of their stories, I felt it would be good for them to be introduced and get to know each other. … Read More

What An Inspiration

Like Mary Tyler Moore, she “Lights the world up with her smile”! She’s a Doris Day look-alike with a Doris Day personality. Her name is Mary Carol Jackson. Friends call her Carol. She resides in Peoria, Arizona. I had the … Read More


All of us at Seniors Helping Seniors hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday.

Seniors and Medications

Are we living longer?  Indeed we are, but at what cost?  Surely there is the financial cost which is often great, but there is also a physical and emotional cost. My mother-in-law was very, very healthy her entire life, until … Read More

For the Irish in You

  Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  Do you know anything about it?  If you'd like to learn a little bit about the history of this day, please follow the link.  Have a fun day!

Can You Stay Home?

It's always a tough discussion.  Is it time for mom or dad to move on to assisted living?  Can they stay home with some help?  Or even tougher, is it a decision you have to make on your own? As … Read More

Valentine's Day

The day for those in love is coming upon us shortly!  I was laying in bed this morning and thinking it was the 11th, or was it the 12th?  So image my surprise when I got up and decided I … Read More