Pets & Seniors

I have written before about the importance of pets and senior citizens.  I run across this all the time in dealing with many of the people that I help.  I deal with it myself and deciding whether to adopt/purchase another dog in my own life.  What kind?  How long will it live?  The activity level of the dog I want to get and if I'll be active enough to work with the type of dog I want to get.

All of these questions, and many more need to be considered when thinking about a dog (or perhaps another pet) for yourself or your loved one.  We all immediately think dog or cat when considering a pet.  There are other options.  Parakeets or some other birds, fish, could be something to consider.

Is there someone who will be around to help out with the pet if the senior is not active enough to go for walks? Can he/she out a litter box on a daily basis?  Is there a fenced backyard?  Does the senior travel a lot?  Who would take care of the pet when the senior is traveling or would he/she want to take the pet along?  How much grooming will the dog or cat need that is being considered?

If having your own pet is not the best option for you, what about a membership to your local zoo?  Perhaps a docent could pick you up once or twice a month to take you there.  Maybe you could volunteer at a local animal shelter.

There is more and more evidence that shows having pets in our lives improves it at all levels.  I would encourage anyone who finds themselves thinking about finding that perfect "animal" companion to  look  further into the subject.  Often times a shelter will have special discounts for "seniors adopting seniors."

Even a bird feeder out your living room window can bring enjoyment into your life.  Give it a try.  You have nothing to lose.  I've included another article for you to read if you'd like to.

If you need help with other areas of your life including personal care, light housekeeping, etc., please contact Seniors Helping Seniors® in home care and we will be there for you.  You can reach us at or 623-748-9854.  Have a great day.