Social Security

Great news for those of you receiving social security benefits, you will be receiving an increase of 2.8%!  Hooray.  Of course, Medicare costs will be rising, so I imagine the increase will be wiped out by that, but hopefully they will at least level each other out.  A better scenario than for those of us not quite ready for social security or medicare.

Not sure where many of you stand, but my husband and I are within a few years of retirement.  So many things to consider.  When do we take social security?  Is there any chance of retiring before the age of 65 when we could qualify for medicare?  Not likely.  Even with all the years our government has had working on our health care issues, I've not seen much done from either side.

If you are at that age, similar to me and my husband, make sure you are discussing all possible choices with someone who is familiar with social security.  If you are married, there are 81 different ways for you and your husband to take social security.  This is not something you should sign up for without a little knowledge.  You could be throwing away thousands and thousands of dollars.

Below are just a couple of links to get you started.  Know that there are many, many more.

Learn all you can about this important topic before you sign up.  If we can help, don't hesitate to give us a call.  Seniors Helping Seniors® in home senior care would be happy to assist you with this or many other things around your home.  Call us at 623-748-9854 or email us at:

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