Thanksgiving is coming upon us quickly.   How many of you have the meal at your home?  How many go out to dinner?

Well, for those of you preparing your own meal, you should know, the cost has actually come down just a little bit - and is actually quite reasonable.  According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, you can cook a Thanksgiving meal for 10 guests for about $48.90.

If you'd prefer to dine out you have the option of take-out or dine in, both of which will cost you much more than preparing your own meal.  I found a couple of take out prices that ranged from $35.00/person or $219.00 for a meal that is supposed to feed 12 people.  Dining in is much pricier.  Children will cost you $20-$25 each, adult prices - $60-$110/per person.

However you celebrate the day, remember that the most important thing is, especially in this country, is that  we do have many things to be thankful for.

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