Veteran's Day

Armistice Day.  November 11, 1919, the day President Wilson first set aside a day to honor the veterans of World War I.  On May 13, 1938, it became a legal holiday.

After WWII, it became apparent that a day to honor just those who fought in WWI might not cut the mustard.  On October 8, 1954, President Eisenhower issued the 1st Veteran's Day Proclamation to honor ALL veterans.

I found a very interesting website that gave facts on all the wars that occurred in the United States; deaths, battles, sites of battles.  If you've ever wondered about these things, follow the links below to read up a little bit more.

We at Seniors Helping Seniors® in home care in Sun City would like to thank any and all who have served in the military, or those who have family members who have done the same.