Where Do I Go With My Money?

How many of you do all your banking online?  I do have a money market account and some CD's online with my Discover Card account, but for my checking account and quick access to another money market account, I still use a regular ole' brick and mortar neighborhood bank.  In fact, I'm so old fashioned that I refuse to use a debit card.  Now, I will admit that part of that reason is because according to Clark Howard, there is very little protection to you when using that debit card.  You are given much more protection when you use a credit card.  So, that is what I do, use a credit card.  I do admit, however, it is much easier to overspend with a credit card, so you must have a strict budget that you follow.

But, I digress, this is not what this blog is about.  How do you know where to bank?  What do you need to look for?  For me, I need a lobby with real people inside.  I find it just as fast going inside and it's much safer.  I mostly want the bank for a checking account so I'm looking for one that is free and doesn't require a minimum deposit that is just totally out of this world.  Those fees can really add up each month if you don't pay attention to your balance!  Many checking accounts require you to utilize direct deposit.  Several require using a debit card (obviously this would not work for us)!  Some charge if you write more than a certain number of checks per month.  Mine pays interest on checking.  I make about .03 a month - and I keep a generous amount of money in my checking account!

I've attached a couple of links to help you decide.  There are so many things to consider these days; what a hassle!  Choose carefully and hope that your bank doesn't sell out or change its rules too often.



Good luck in your decision.  If you need help surfing the web or driving from bank to bank, maybe we at Seniors Helping Seniors® could help you out.  Give us a call at 623-748-9854 or email us at:  shspeoria@gmail.com.  We are here to help you.


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