Birding in Arizona


Do you enjoy watching birds? Do you feed them? You are not alone!  Even though this bit of information is almost 5 years old, I think it is very interesting.  There are a lot of us.

Like me, did you want to move to Arizona because it is supposed to have a lot of birds?Well, unfortunately for me, right where I live here in Peoria, we don't have a whole lot of birds that come to my feeders. One of the reasons for this I'm sure is the fact that if I put out anything but thistle seed for the finches, the pigeons and doves clean it out before any type of migrating or other bird can get it. It is unbelievable! I do have the hummingbirds all over the place, which is neat, but I also have those darned quail that come into the yard and eat any type of new plant I try to plant to attract other birds and butterflies. So what have I done?

One thing that most people would probably not bother to do is get some lovebirds that I use to attract "wild" lovebirds to my home. Most of the wild lovebirds are found on the east side, but there are a few that have wondered over to this side of the valley. My husband built me a small outside aviary for my lovebirds, and sure enough they have attracted some wild birds to my yard.

Plant for native birds. Almost everything I plant is used to attract hummers and butterflies. I have learned to cover young plants to protect them from the quail, and I use fewer and fewer plants that are not found in this region. I have managed to attract a few robins, tons of gold finches and house finches, now and then an oriole and even a cardinal on rare occasions.

Arizona is still noted as one of the best birding areas in the country, so we here in the valley just need to drive a short distance to see some of those birds. Here is a nice little link for you to look at so that you too can enjoy seeing some more birds of your own.

Have a great new year of spotting new birds!