Just in Case You Ever Wondered !!


Are you among the many who decide to make a New Year's Resolution at the beginning of the year?  I guess I'm old enough to know that with very few exceptions, I am not going to continue with them for the whole year - so - why start and become disappointed!

I did wonder who in the world decided to ever start this tradition, and found a neat little video and article on the "History Channel."  According to them, the ancient Babylonians, about 4,000 years ago, celebrated the new year.  For them, it began in mid-March when they were just starting to plant crops for the year.  It is said that they made promises to new kings and the gods to pay their old debts, which is the early beginning of resolution making.

In Rome, Julius Ceasar changed the calendar so that the new year was to start on January 1.  The Christians used the new year to ponder on past mistakes.

You can see and read the whole article on our FACEBOOK page. https://www.facebook.com/shswestphoenix/?ref=hl.  Whether you are a resolution maker or not, we at "Seniors Helping Seniors" want to wish you and yours a very healthy and happy new year.