Spring Is On the Way

arizona garden

How many of you are originally from the north?  Do you, like me, remember dreaming about your gardens all during the cold winter months, while looking through the planting magazines that you get in the mail.

Well, things are a little different here in the Phoenix area.  But, you still have to be careful.  For instance, last week I thought winter was over for us.  I went to the flower shops and purchased several new plants.  So what happened?  I see for next week (in February no less), we could experience 2-3 nights of freezing temps.  Enough I'm sure to hurt my new, young plants.  So, for three nights, my husband and I will be dragging out the plant covers and hoping that nothing is seriously damaged.

I found a nice little site that could help me.  It evens mentions that it could still freeze in February.  You might like to take a look at it yourself.  http://www.gardeninginarizona.com/calendar.html.

If you'd like a few places to visit, here is another site that might give you some ideas on where to plan some nice little trips.  http://www.phxgardening.com/arizona-flowers.html.  Even if you don't have a lot of room for a garden where you live, you can always visit public gardens and have a couple of house or patio plants to bring in hummingbirds.  I just love watching beautiful plants and flowers grow and attract birds and butterflies.

Have a wonderful week.